About Mason Holdings


HISTORY: Mason Holdings was founded some time ago, but you weren’t paying proper attention back then. It appears that you are now ready to learn. Your ears and eyes are slowly opening. Thank you.

OUR MISSION: We catch and preserve stories before they vanish into oblivion.


Tracy Weller
Kristjan Thorgeirsson
Liz Nielsen
Joel Bravo
Christopher & Justin Swader
Alex Reeves
Gene Lee
Jeff Fato

PAST: JARRING, our flagship show, was an experience hailed as “a tour de force” that “will leave you haunted” offoffonline. Jarring was subsequently transformed into a short film, currently in post production.

CURRENT: As we await the completion of our film, we launch our monthly salon series, Unseen & Unheard.

FUTURE: A project we like to call Doll Life and another about a playwright and his teenage stalker. Stay tuned.


QUESTIONS? info@mason.holdings Want more? Visit with our leader tracyweller.land


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