Exclusive Photos from the JARRING Set

To our friends, family, and supporters: thank you. We are tremendously grateful to have shared the JARRING experience.

If you’ve not yet experienced JARRING, please purchase your tickets today. There are just five shows left, with the final performance on Sunday, May 17.

Now is the time to decide: what is truly worth saving?

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Photography by Joshua Paul Johnson.

Jarring: A Tour de Force

The critics have spoken, and JARRING’s has been tremendously well-received.

New York Theatre Guide describes JARRING as a “fascinating evening,” wherein Tracy Weller “captivates, unnerves, through movement and transfixed airiness.” OffOffOnline describes Ms. Weller’s performance as a “tour de force” that “will leave you haunted.”

If you have already joined the JARRING experience, we encourage you to share our message with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you have not yet experienced JARRING, please buy your tickets now.

Discover what is truly worth saving.

Mason Holdings Exclusive: Tracy Weller in JARRING

Mason Holdings proudly presents JARRING, an immersive theatre experience written by and starring Tracy Weller and directed by Kristjan Thor.

We are proud to share an exclusive first look at Tracy Weller in her transformative role. Click here to preview pictures from the set.

We hope you’ll join this existential journey to a forgotten world filled with hundreds of Mason jars — each of which holds a fragment of a forgotten life. Once you’ve arrived, the work will begin, and together, we will rescue stories of quiet but remarkable endurance — before they slip into oblivion. Only then can you decide: what is truly worth saving?

Tickets are available now, so please purchase yours today.

Broadway World Announces Jarring Premiere

We at Mason Holdings are very excited that Broadway World announced the premiere of Tracy Weller’s Jarring this week!

“In Mason Holdings’ Jarring, we descend a rickety ladder to a tiny forgotten world filled with hundreds of Mason jars. The ladder may crack, but as you fall consider the view: is this a fallout shelter or a prison? Or, is it an ingenuous haven for a misplaced, delicate soul? Is the purpose of this place punishment or shelter? Or, is this a chrysalis? Jarring offers an unlikely survival guide to the darkest mental terrain.”

Read the full article at Broadway World.