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The Mason Holdings Radio Hour

Announcing The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos Volume 2!

The Mason Holdings Radio Hour, an intimate experiential podcast in the spirit of good old-fashioned radio, launches this spring with The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos.

Mason Holdings’ latest show, Consumption, was inspired by the disturbing true story of Carl Von Cosel and Elena Hoyos. As part of the development of Consumption, we researched Elena’s story – reaching out to historians and scouring the few remaining bits and pieces that reveal anything of her brief life before Carl Von Cosel exhumed her corpse, posthumously married her, and installed her in his home. Our research revealed, of course, a very real girl and woman — not a grotesque spectacle, property of a delusional pseudo-scientist.

In the interest of breathing life back into her memory, Mason Holdings is honored to share selections from The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos, starting in 1925, when she was still a healthy teenager, up until her death in 1931.



Album Artwork: Gary Springer,