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Hart Island is a theatrical multimedia meditation on New York City’s Potters Field and the humans connected to it, living and dead. It weaves together the voices of the friends and family of Hart Island’s deceased, Rikers Island inmates and gravediggers, and fictional documentary narration.

“A profound meditation on what New York City and the rest of the world has gone through in the past few years: a spectrum of emotion from abject grief to acceptance.”


“This theatrical event should be seen and heard both for its expansive intellectual reach and its extraordinarily immersive empathy.”

—Theatre Reviews from my Seat

“Mason Holdings’ haunting Hart Island epitomizes downtown, avant-garde performance at its best: cerebral, theatrical, scrupulously researched, and bursting with heart.”

—Theatre Is Easy

“Powerful and Beautifully Staged.”



—The New Yorker


A Mason Holdings immersive theatrical experience, celebrating the artwork of Mikel Glass, and in partnership with nancy manocherian’s the cell. September 25 through October 31, 2019, at nancy manocherian’s the cell theatre in NYC.

“Come, take a teacup, tap a rusty muffler, taste a mysterious brew!
Gaze up into the cosmos, and watch your crayons melt.
Climb the stairs, hold the railing, meet the doll, who is the child, who is also maybe you. 
Find the trash that is your treasure, in the playground you once knew.”
Created and conceived by Tracy Weller and Kristjan Thor, Directed by Kristjan Thor.

“a visionary leap for immersive creators!”

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“as engaging and invested as she was wacky”

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Photographer: Eraj Asadi

Inspired by the true story of Elena Hoyos and Carl Von Cosel, five disparate but intertwining couples fly through time and space to ponder the disease of love.

Consumption was conceived and developed by Mason Holdings & Tracy Weller. It was written by Devin Burnam, and Kristjan Thor serves as director.  It was performed by Devin Burnam & Tracy Weller, with scenic design by Christopher Swader and Justin Swader & lighting design by Daisy Long.

“… surreal and hallucination-like… you need to book tickets for Consumption immediately.”

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“…outstanding performances…. I felt like a witness to someone else’s life, one that I just dropped into.”

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“We’re all witnesses to a fever dream—one that gets stranger and stranger over time…. Mason Holdings takes audiences on a wild ride through a somewhat true story.”

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“The performances were captivating…”

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Photographer: Matthew Dunivan

The story of an oddly ageless child who returns to the many Christmas’ of her past, Holiday House: Christmas Bends immerses audiences in the world of her little attic bedroom, sharing her space, her fantastical games, and witnessing all her remarkable imaginative resources. Holiday House is both a darkly comedic experiential tour through phantom memories and a psychological study of how we experience childhood as outsiders, struggling to navigate and comprehend a world of deeply fallible adults. It is the gift of a strange and wondrous play date, and an unexpected visit with our own personal ghosts. Written and performed by Tracy Weller, directed by Kristjan Thor, scenic design by Christopher and Justin Swader, created and developed with Bixby Elliot.

“If your taste is more experimental than established, check out this new movement-theater work from the Mason Holdings theater company and the writer and performer Tracy Weller”

(Read more at the New York Times)

“an ageless, Russian doll-like specter; a white rabbit, of sorts, leading us into the labyrinth of her own memories and distorted reflections”

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“the experience is about as intimate as theatre gets”

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“an immensely watchable performance mostly due to the infallible Tracy Weller who’s mastering of the numerous characters is nothing short of absolutely astounding”

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“a spellbinding performance that begins full of whimsicality and gradually drifts into corridors quivering with madhouse echoes.”

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“An exquisitely immersive set design coupled with an eerie and uncomfortable performance makes this piece of downtown theatre haunting and intriguing”

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“Within a few seconds, it is easy to forget that you are in a theater and instead feel as if you are a guest in a private home.”

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Jarring, a play inspired by the patients of Willard State Asylum and many other state mental institutions across the country, tells the story of one woman’s secret survival strategy, and also expresses broader concern for both lost stories and lost people.  Staged in the basement vault of a historic bank in lower Manhattan, Jarring is a meditation on isolation and the transcendent power of the imagination, as well as an inquiry into what it means to be labeled “sick”, “well”, “sane” or “insane”.  Jarring asks: what lasts? What endures? And is there any hope for the invisible experience that lives a life unnoticed by a noisy and distracted world? Written and performed by Tracy Weller, directed by Kristjan Thor, scenic design by Christopher and Justin Swader.

“A tour de force for Weller …. will leave you haunted.”

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“Tracy Weller is mesmerizing…. edgy theatre at its best”

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Photographer: Joshua Paul Johnson

Love & Death Traveling Circus

A dinner party and a wake, Floridian cocktails and knife throwing, paper airplanes and flying bullets — Mason Holdings invites you to explore love and death (with a side order of empanadas and cole slaw). Conceived and developed by Mason Holdings & Tracy Weller, Directed by Kristjan Thor, written by Devin Burnam, produced in partnership with Project Y’s Women In Theatre Festival, and performed by Devin Burnam and Tracy Weller.

Most Sincerely, Edward Albee

Accidentals encounters, misplaced letters, lonely strangers, obsessions and chance encounters that alter the fate of two unlikely neighbors.  Conceived and developed by Mason Holdings & Tracy Weller, directed by Kristjan Thor, written by Tracy Weller, produced in partnership with Project Y’s Women In Theatre Festival, and performed by Devin Burnam and Tracy Weller.

The Mason Holdings
Radio Hour

Announcing The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos Volume 2!


The Mason Holdings Radio Hour, an intimate experiential podcast in the spirit of good old-fashioned radio, launches this spring with The Lost Diaries of Elena Hoyos. Written and performed by Tracy Weller.



Album Artwork: Gary Springer,

Unseen & Unheard

Unseen & Unheard is a free monthly play reading series produced by Mason Holdings, curated and hosted by Tracy Weller.  We offer playwrights with a non-commercial, experimental, exploratory edge a platform to see and hear their work in a theatrical setting with fellow artists.  Writers, actors, musicians, and humans of intelligence, wit and compassion are invited to join us for free food, drinks and invigorating new plays in-development. Unseen & Unheard is an excellent place to share and develop your work, network with an eclectic crew, or simply lend your eyes and ears to the creative process. 

Some playwrights have included:

Kevin R. Free
Admiral Grey
Devin Burnam
Paul Cohen
Elenna Stauffer
Daniel McCoy
Bixby Elliot
Lia Romeo
Stephen Kaplan
Gracie Gardner

Michael Niederman
Ryan Drake
Robert Kerr
Gene Lee
David Bemis
Tasha Gordon-Solmon
Nora Soren Casey
Adam Kraar
and. . . YOU?